George Putz Memorial Student Writing Contest

General rules and information

Only students, including home schooled children, who are residents of Shawano or Menominee County are eligible to enter this contest. Students living in Shawano or Menominee County, even though they are attending a school outside of these two counties, are allowed to enter. The contest is coordinated and sponsored by the Shawano Area Writers.

Students from first grade through high school are invited to participate in this contest. There are three grade groups, and they will be competing only in their grade group.

Grades 1 through 4

Grades 5 through 8

Grades 9 through 12

There are three categories that each grade group can enter: Fiction, Nonfiction and/or Poetry. A student may enter as many times as they want, in any category, but each entry must have a separate entry form, but can be mailed in the same envelope. There will be a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner in each category, of each age group. The prize for grades 1 through 8 is: 1st place is $25, 2nd place is $15 and $10 for 3rd place. For the grades 9 through 12 1st place $50, 2nd place is $25 and $15 for 3rd place. Judges can also pick honorable mentions in each category/grade group. Winning students will also receive a certificate of achievement.

The judges for this contest will be from outside of Shawano/Menominee counties. If the judges are having a problem deciding between two entries, they are directed to pick the entry with the least misspelled words, and fewest punctuation mistakes.

An awards presentation will be held for all winners of the contest, and the location, time and date will be announced at a later date. The public will be invited.

A copy of these rules and an example of the entry form will be posted on SAW’s website:  For questions either email our website or call 715-524-4520.

Student contest entry rules

1.  There are limits to how long an entry can be. A poem can be no longer than two pages, a fiction or nonfiction story can be no longer than 1,000 words. Entries that exceed these limits will be disqualified. Only the title and page number should be on the entry.

2.  All entries should be on one side of white pieces of paper, in no smaller type than 12 point. Poetry can be single spaced, but fiction and nonfiction entries must be double spaced.

3.  Each entry must have a title at the beginning of the story or poem.

4.  Each entry must have an entry form with the student’s name, phone number, name of student’s school, grade group, entry title, word count and the category (fiction, nonfiction, or poetry).

5.  At the end of the student’s entry, type or print the words, The End.

6.  Students may not copy the work of any other person, including things on computers.

7.  The deadline for this contest is March 31, 2018. Entries must be postmarked no later than that date. Entries and entry forms should be sent electronically to: or by U.S. Mail to Shawano Area Writers, P.O. Box 657, Shawano, WI 54166


 Entry Form for Student Contest

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